Friday, February 28, 2014

Painting my sister and late night thoughts

I had this dream about my sister Carmen and I then this picture happened. I miss her sweet touch and her littleness. I am going o go visit her this weekend for sure. I was watching a video from an on line class I am taking and she said to just relax with your stroke. I don't know why this stayed with me but it did. Just relax with my brush stroke and keep the brush moving. Its crazy how much alike running and painting are in my head. Its the same thing with running that make s a difference for long distances. Time on your feet . Painting too. Time with the paint brush in my hand. 

I know exactly what I am painting but I do fuss over the colors I want to use way to much.
Let go G..Just go G ..That's my painting mantra. I will finish this tomorrow night as soon as baby Jack goes to sleep. I love that I am so tired but I am fighting it because I have a vision in my head and I am trying to put it on a canvas. Kinda cool once again in my head.

This is me right now at 12:30 at night. Excited to be here and tired too. I love having passion for what I want and love . I love the feeling of wanting something that I have to work hard to learn and understand . I was thinking shit in 8 years when I turn 50 I will be a way better artist. I can't wait. Oh and in the running world maybe when I am 50 I will be able to qualify for Boston. (that's me being funny )
Good night.

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