Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Not sure but I like that

There is something very freeing about working on something and not having a plan. I like the feeling of letting go of any expectations of what will happen and just letting things happen. I have been showing up at my art table every night and paying attention to my creativity light bulb. I used to want to be a fast runner until the day I figured out I just want to run. I want to do what feels essential to my being and that includes lots of movement and that for me comes from running.  I have a-lot of crap that leaves my being when I run and its one of those things that just sets me free. When it comes to painting I am starting to feel the same way. I just want to create and share my stuff because I love creating and it makes me excited to be able to share. Its funny because I don't really think anyone reads my blog so it make it easier to share . Above all my silly writing is what I am working on now. Its a big white canvas and I work a little bit on it everyday. It helps me work on letting go and it helps me stay in love with my craft.  I have been feeling more free with my paint brush and it comes from practicing every day. What I expect from myself is to show up . Progress is progress no matter how small. I am not sure what I am creating but I like it. I am leading with my paintbrush and painting with my heart. Thats enough.

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