Monday, March 10, 2014

San Diego half Marathon

One of the best things about running this race on Sunday was that I did not remember signing up. I must of done it last year when I was super pregnant. I got an email reminder last week telling me I was running Sunday. So when I picked up my bib and saw what I had written on it my heart melted. It was perfect. I had not met my baby but he was there.

Little man and I went to get my bib early Saturday and it was fun . They did a great job putting the expo together and having lots of people helping you. I love this race the course is almost all flat and the weather is perfect and everyone is happy. You have to arrive early something I suck at. The race  started at 7am I got there at 7 am. Parked and ran to wave 6 and was there right on time.

I saw people I knew at the expo and people I knew on the course. Ally is my awesome girl friend her spirit is just cool I saw her at the start . I saw her 1 minute before it started. I was so happy we met up I have known her for 5 years and she is just sweet and I just love her. She is a bad ass girl .Then at mile 2 I saw Chris he runs with my Ragnar group. He is running his first half Iron man this year and he is raising money for team challenge . He turns 50 this year too. Its so amazing to know people who are achieving there craziest dreams and changing lives.
My favorite part was running down the hill at the end . This is the course I had my PR back in 2012. My time was 2 :08 this year that's fine with me . This is a great race . So well put on and the aid stations are loaded . I highly recommend running it. Oh and the best part is I wore my HOKAS . They are these crazy looking shoes that are a little big and they take some getting used too but my hips did not hurt while I was running and they don't hurt now. I ran 13 miles the last two weekends and my recovery sucked. Today I woke up with no pain at all. That's crazy so I am a new fan of HOKAS. They look weird but man who cares if they take all the pain away or mainly keep it from coming.

Check out these crazy fun medals. Yes they are HUGE. This is Ally we met up at the end to tell each other how great we did.
Happy running thank you for reading.

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