Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday Mornings

Saturday Mornings always come quickly. I am usually not looking forward to getting up early but once I have had my cup of coffee the morning seems a little more full of energy or at least I do then my dad comes over and that's about the time I run upstairs get dressed find all my stuff and go run. Lately I have been trying to run a little bit more with Jack in the stroller. When he naps I run with him and he sleeps for most of the run. I have been feeling so grateful and full of gratitude with so many sad things going on in the world I just feel so incredibly grateful for the simple thing in my life. I am at a stage in my life that simple is what I want and crave for. I never saw that happening but my heart feels settled and I see that simple things help my entire family. I am cooking simple nutritious food and  somehow I have let go of my fear of getting my cooking right. My kids love having diner together every night so we sit and we all talk about whats going on and eat. I am feeling like my heart is poured out all over my family and vulnerable in the love I have been feeling for my little modern family and after years of being afraid of getting hurt or left behind I am now in a place that knows I can handle anything . I am now a true believer that less is more and that its the love we have for our families and each other that keeps us good. So here is to Saturday mornings and I hope what ever you do today is simple and full of joy.

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