Tuesday, May 20, 2014

42 miles on my 42 Birthday

My Birthday run was a  huge success. 
It is a little crazy to me to think how scared I was. I kept think thinking what if I don't make it. Even though I knew I could in the back of my mind .  I ended up starting at 8:30  am. I thought at first I wanted to get up early but then Jack got up a couple times that night . So even though I was awake at 6 a.m. I decided that I would just take it easy and start at 8:30.

I drove to Oceanside and started at the train terminal there. I heard there was a bike path and I remember it from a long time ago but that does not mean I would find it. I asked a couple people and I finally found it.  I totally felt intimidated by the task at hand but I started anyway and after 3 miles I was like oh yeah this is why I wanted to run. I kept thinking to myself I really hope I can keep doing this all day because I love this 
  I felt free and it was awesome . Its really funny but I kept thinking about my grandmother telling me if you keep running your  uterus will fall out. I thought this would be the time that this would happen. 
The most important thing was keeping myself hydrated and taking 1 salt tablet every hour and making sure I had good posture . (Be light on your feet G ) My joints started to bother me a little but something always hurts for a little bit then goes away. The good thing to me about having pain is that it always brings me back good form. My dad met me at mile 11 and ran with me until 21. It was nice having his company. At 21 my little crew was there. They brought me snacks and Gatorade and signs. My heart felt full. The only time I felt hungry and tired was at mile 30 but I ate a sandwich and I was good to go. Mike and Jack ran the last three miles with me and one of my coolest friends just happen to be visiting her family about 2 blocks down the street from my finish and saw on Instagram so I saw her too. So except for a little chaffing it was a great day to run. 
Oh I almost forgot it took me 7:03 to run 42 miles. That is 10 minute miles. It was a good pace for me. Happy running and thank you for the kind birthday messages.

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