Monday, June 16, 2014

Fathers Day Hike

We celebrated Fathers Day by going on a hike on part of the PCT. We chose this trail because Jeff ran part of his 100 mile race on this trail and told us this was his favorite part. It was really nice because it was lush and green and there was lots of trees. I loved it because it was cool and I love walking through a trail and hearing the wind going through the leaves. Listening to that makes the moment feel magical to me. It makes me feel like I am waiting for the little fairies to fly out and carry me away.

There was a good group of us so there was lots of conversations. My favorite was Jeff telling stories about his 100 mile race. I get so excited hearing about all the little details of what running for 30 hours feels like. It sounds like its a crazy head game that you play with yourself to get through it.

There was some color but not much. It was mostly green and some yellow. Living in San Diego there is not much time for me to drive to a place like this. I takes about an hour and half to go to Cuyamaca so when I do get to go it feels like its a big deal.

All of this was part of his run. It looks hot but it really was not. We walked about 5 miles and even Jack was happy the whole time.

He was happier at the end when he got to eat.  
Here they are. Happy fathers Day to these cool dads.

This is how we celebrated Fathers day. I hope you had a good Sunday too.

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