Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Standing Run date w my Dad

Hi Guys ..Happy Saturday . Life is getting back to normal and that means Saturday mornings belong to long runs and my dad. This Saturday was no different with a 15 mile that was asking to be ran and my dad at my side it was looking like a great morning. The icing in the cake was that the sun was hiding. I love cloudy mornings. Here we are setting out to run. We chose a new route because sometimes the old one just get old. It was pretty cool to change it up. I saw totally different things . We ran through Pacific Beach so this made for people interesting people watching. My dad ran some of it with me and then we met up at the end.

I am really liking that these long runs are getting easier. I mean I don't know but that's the point right ?? easy is good. I make sure to stay at an easy pace the entire time. 10 minute miles and I don't push it. Easy Peasy was my motto.  

I feel totally spoiled living in San Diego we have great weather and that makes such a huge difference when it comes to having good runs. So this Saturday was made up off ..
Long Run
The Western States 100
see today was a good day. Happy miles peeps..

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