Thursday, June 19, 2014

Running Ramblings before a race

Here are my thoughts today on traveling to run. I do not travel much let alone travel to run. Its a great thought traveling to run a marathon. I feel like when I signed up to run The Seattle Rock and Roll it sounded great. So here I am in my hotel room in Seattle and my family is with me. I am not feeling the excitement I thought I would. The flight that was 2 and a half hours felt like 5 hours with Jack. I think I was just worried about his ears and keeping him happy and I made it more stressful than it was but he was fine. There was no crying  and his ears where fine. It was mostly me. I am not the best traveler. Tomorrow is the expo and a bunch of my friends fly in. I am hoping that will make me feel better. I guess I am also feeling like what if I am slower that the Rock and Roll in San Diego …what a let down. Then at the same time I don't see how the heck I can run faster than I already did. I bust my ass running and I do what I can and I just don't see how I can run faster than I already did. I know its not fast by most people running abilities but in Gloria's world running a 4 hour marathon is really good. Lets go back 9 years to 2004 my first Rock and Roll marathon . I ran that in 5 hours 28 minutes so that makes my 4 hour marathon  great. 
There you go… 
Lets see. I think that is my biggest problem I am afraid that I won't do as well as  did last month. I guess  what I have to do is start believing I can. The other thing is I have to want to do better. You know when your almost afraid to want to do better because you just might. That's my brain right now. 
This will be my 14th marathon. My best time ever 3:54 at St. George a couple years ago. Then a couple San Diego marathons right around 4. Yes I am feeling nervous that everyone flew here to see me run and that I might let them down and myself. 
Bottom line is I love running thats why I flew all the way to seattle to run. This is the reason I put in so  many miles in and work out is so that I can run many miles some what easily. Well lets see how it goes. Ill let you know. Excuse the crazy ups and downs of this post but it me right now.
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