Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Beach day

I spent a large past of today at the beach with this little guy and Isabella. We went bird watching. My little boy loves looking at birds on the beach so I hold his little arms so he can pretend walk and of we go.

Then when he sees one he lifts his little arm and I think he is mimicking there wings..Its the cutest thing ever. One thing about having a little person in your life again is it helps you slow down .

everything is new to him and I love seeing what he sees. 

I am not sure the temperature of the water but its not cold . Its ok. The beach was full of surfers and swimmers and kids. Its always nice to people watch when there is so much going on.

Little baby feet are the best ever.. Cute and chubby and cute.

See you soon and I hope you have a chance to get outside..

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