Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Beating the Post Marathon Blues

Beating the post marathon blues can be tricky. I don't think it matters how many marathons you have ran each one is a big deal. It has its own story. It changed you in some way. Each marathon has its own group of friends and each race has its own training story and then the actual race story. I remember them all good and bad. What they all have in common and I forgot until today is the marathon blues. You trained so hard for so long that when race day comes and goes you are left feeling kinda empty sad. I started feeling this last night and then I remembered this feeling. To me it feels like a great friend came and visited and stayed with you and you had a great time and then they have to go home. When they leave your left feeling sad. So I looked back at my journals to see what things I had done to help me feel better. I want to start by saying these are things that have worked for me in the past. I can't speak for anyone else just me. 

1. The first thing is I let myself take a couple days off. I try and recover. During this time I try and keep my mind busy. This is not hard with 4 kids. I actually started knitting again today this was to  get my mind away from thought of running. When I have traveled to Marathons I always try to stay a couple extra days after to keep busy and celebrate. 
2. I take really good care of myself after. I feel weaker or just more susceptible to getting sick. ( I haven't yet but just in case ) I drink lots of orange juice take my vitamins and try to eat a clean diet. I have a couple extra smoothies. I try and stay really hydrated sometimes I don't but when I do I can really tell I recover faster. I also try and have a bit more protein .
3. I feel like this is key. Even though it might be the last thing you want to do the day after the marathon I really think it helps.
Go for a small jog or walk. It really helps with soreness. I mean a take it easy jog. A relaxing jog. Your legs will thank you but so will your brain. You know your feeling a little down and going on a short jog just helps lighting the spirits and relax those muscles. Its a win win situation.
4. Go to bed early. Getting good sleep really helps and if you have babies let yourself nap when they do. I napped today when Jack slept and told my older kids mommy needs a nap please hold down the fort. Its OK because as a mother if your feel good your kids are happier. 
5. Let yourself look for the next race. Its OK to sit down with your computer and let yourself look at other races. Setting out new goals is always fun. If you where not happy with your race and you know what you can do better next time plan it out and do it. My marathon in Mexico was not my best but it was also a training run so I am perfectly happy with it still I learned that my next race I think I will try  running with out my camel back. Its to hot right now to wear it specially if I am running a fully supported race. I have the AFC half marathon this month and I decided on mile 19 in Mexico as I was sweating my ass of to run the AFC with no music no hand held and no camel back. I think I carry way to much crap with me. I am excited to try something new. So go ahead and plan the next big race for yourself. Oh and if you love journals write this stuff down it really helps to see it.
6. Be accepting of how you feel. However it is you feel let it be. Let yourself feel it don't fight it and remember its just that a feeling and feelings pass. You just ran 26.2 miles and that's a huge accomplishment so if your feeling a little down after go ahead and feel that but then start doing stuff. plan things call friends and tell them about your race. Start a blog and share your experience with the rest of us..Move on and find your happy self again. Be kind to yourself and understand that this is all part of it. I hope this helps a little bit. I thought this would be a good time to write and share all this because I am right in the middle of it.
Happy Miles. G

The obsession with running is really an obsession with the potential for more and more life.

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