Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I was out for a run

Two weeks ago I was running in San Diego with my dad and when I was done I took of my shoes off and walked on the grass for while. It was one of those really really hot days so at this point taking anything off would of worked. As I was walking to my car a man asked me how far did you run barefoot ? I told him oh I don't run barefoot and then I asked him if he ran barefoot. No but then he proceeded to tell me his running story. My name is Dan but people call me trail Dan and I run Ultras. Then I said please tell me just like that. He said well one time I ran in the desert this race called BadWater its the hardest thing I have ever done.He told me if you gave me a million dollars I wouldn't run that one  again It was tough but I finished and got my buckle. He kept talking and I kept listening . ( I was in heaven) I love love hearing people's running stories . I love the passion in peoples voices when they tell you the best race the hardest and the funnest. Its so interesting. OK so back to Dan this man ran Western States a couple times and the HardRock 100 a couple times and Leadville 100. He went on and on..
I love the people you meet when your out for a run. Yes so this  is Dan above. He has been running Ultras for over 30 years. He gave me some advice about running. It was the perfect ending to my Sunday run. Seriously you meet the nicest people when your out for a run. I had to share have a good tomorrow.

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