Saturday, September 6, 2014

Long Ass Run

I like this quote it makes me feel better about how crappy my long trail runs have felt. I am going to be totally honest .. Trail Running can be so difficult and I feel like it takes so much more energy ..I hate feeling like a crappy tired runner but that's what I feel like today. I ran 20 miles at Hodges and I felt tired from the get go. I am not sure why but I did. I feel like a beginner and I do not mind being a beginner but a terrible beginner. SO yes my ego got kicked in the ass. I love running I really do but runs like today make me feel like crap. 

So what choices do I have….
I don't have a choice I am not a quitter no sir. So maybe I am a crappy trail runner but the only thing that makes you better at anything is practice practice practice. Thank God I can run on the road when ever I want. So maybe when you do something that is difficult you need to to balance that feeling by doing something you are good at so you don't feel so crappy. Maybe I am slow on the trails but that only makes me want to go out more and practice practice practice.

This is where I ran today. It was hot and It was not a happy run but I pushed and somehow got 20 in…No part of today's run was easy for me but hey it can only get better….So I will try again tomorrow and take it easier and I am not going to run when its so hot..The heat plus a trail don't equal happy miles for me…Have a wonderful Sunday..

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