Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mount Laguna Trail Marathon

So what do you have planned for this weekend ? I am feeling really blessed that I get to run again this Sunday. I run around my house all the time but it is a real treat to get to run in the mountains for a girl with 4 kids who lives where I do.
 I love the feeling of crisp air surrounding me and the smell of the dirt and mountains. It makes me feel so grounded and whole. I feel really close to God when I am out there. You know life is so busy and full of stuff. I do wish I could slow down the whole thing and just sit with it all ….I feel like when your out running walking strutting, jogging whatever you choose to do you get that ..Life slows down a little bit and actually get to get rid of the crap that really doesn't matter in your head and then life seems so much clearer and whats really important seems to come to you. Its so good for you. Its like a veggie smoothie for the soul. So this Sunday I will be running the Mount Laguna Marathon. I ran it two years ago with these two guys.

Let me make my self clear .I did not run with them they are way faster than me but we all ran the marathon. I will be going at it alone this year and I am sure it will be great. Hey, I get to run for a bunch of hours so its a win win situation for me but I will miss my friends. Mike will be at the finish line with my mom and Jack and my little brother is coming too..Oh my dad too.

This is the medal I got two years ago and its my favorite one. 
This will be my last race for November and then I have the North Face half in December . I am once again excited to show up and try my best..
I am loving this quote . Run Often Run Long but NEVER out run the JOY of running...

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