Sunday, November 30, 2014

Weekend update

I found a way to make myself get outside and run and have fun..I ran with friends. I made plans and committed to joining them for my long runs and it really helped. If you read my blog you know this last month I have not been excited about running. I would rather be in my warm house or sleeping in :(  Winter has been known to do this to me. 

Here they are the group . They are really nice people and very motivated runner. I can tell you one thing for sure if I keep running with them I will become a better runner. So today's run was hard for me we ran Mission trails and it was so hard. The hills were the real deal and the down hill had those slippery small rocks and they were all over the place. The really sad part is I was the last one every time on today run and they had to wait for me every time. 

This was the view it was amazing and that's one of the reasons we run right.. To see views like these.

So guess how they got this picture. I was the last one. The positive side is I will get stronger and now I have a group to run with on the weekends so this will motivate me to get outside and run. I ran 32 miles this weekend .  How was your weekend ? 

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