Saturday, December 27, 2014

24 miles from the back

I ran 24 miles today way behind my friends today from the back.
This morning it was hard getting out of bed at 5 am because it was cold and early and I was being a baby. I finally just thought about race day and how its only 3 weeks away and that was enough to get my warm body out of bed dressed and out the door by 6am. It was 34 degrees outside and my car does not get warm quickly. I was freezing. Luckily I was only cold for about an hour before the sun came out and made everything better. 

Lately running with this group has been humbling. I am always the last one and they all kindly wait for me every couple miles. I felt kinda bad showing up today because these long mile weeks make my weekend runs harder. My legs are tired but somehow I know or tell myself that hey I must be getting stronger. All I want to do on race day is my best. That's why I show up. This guy Robert usually always comes back to run with me . We talk and it helps the last long miles go by faster.

Today we ran 24 miles of the 50 mile course we are running in 3 weeks. The Hodges 50 miler. Everyone will be running the same race. That makes it so much more exciting.

This is part of course. I have grown to love this course. I used to cringe at the thought of running here because its was so hard for me but slowly it getting easier and my heart has grown fond of Lake Hodges. I have good time here. 

So about my run today. I got my butt kicked a bit , I spent a lot of time way behind my group but I loved every minute of it and the cool guys I ran with. It was a good run day. I also feel thinner after all the food I ate the last three days...

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