Monday, December 15, 2014


Happy Monday. This is my favorite picture from this weekend. Thank God for I-phones how did we take pictures before them. I have been thinking about my word on my runs. If you don't know what I am taking about go here.  Ali Edwards is a Rock star in the world of memory keeping her take on writing down your own story and scrapbooking is simple but beautiful. For the last 4 years I have picked a word that I felt I wanted to live by and tried to incorporate into my life. I really believe that it has made my life juicer. I think I have my word for 2015. I am not 100 perfect so my last couple of runs I have just thought about the word and let it sit with me. If its the right one I will know very soon.
Holy Cow Mike got a Go Pro so if I can figure it out I will try to use it very soon. I have a 70 mile week ahead of me and I am eating well drinking lots of water so all that is left is me putting in 100 percent and by Sunday I am sure that will mean just showing up and putting one foot in front of the other. I have lots of thoughts of what races I want to do next year ?? So many fun events to work and train for. I honestly have to say I love running and how good it feels to be able to go outside and run around for hours at a time. Life is good.
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