Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Have a confidant 2015

I chose my word for 2015 or it chose me I am not sure yet. I think this is a word that I have felt has always buzzed around me. It is never far from me.
that's it. I want to 2015 to be a confident year for me. Confidence is something I lack but now that I am older I have started to get it a little bit more. I feel this is a great time in my life to incorporate Confidence. I want to have more confidence in my relationships. This is my big sister I want to spend more time with her in the past I have lacked the confidence to just say that to her. I am going to make it happen next year. I am going to spend more time with her and just be. I do not want to pretend with anyone I know anymore. I am going to dress with confidence and wear what I want. I want to lead a more confidant life. 

As a parent I want to be confident in the decisions I make when it comes to my kids. I want to stand my ground because I know I am making the correct choice . I want to teach my children to be confidant by raising them in a positive environment . 

I would love to not have a million little gremlins before every race telling all the crappy I thoughts  so I am still working on how to   have more confidence in this department. I feel truly blessed to have found a group of people to run with that are so kind and real. I am also loving that I  am really slow compared to them because it makes me want to work harder. A-lot harder. I can't be in the back forever. 

So with that I will say Have a Confident New Year and may all of Gods blessings be bestowed upon you. Do not ever give up on yourself there is only one you and that makes you one of a kind. Thank You for reading my blog and thank you for coming with me on my journey of just trying every day to be the best me I can be and getting as many miles as I can in .

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