Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Crew Time

This past weekend I went to Arizona to help crew a friend that was running The Coldwater 100 miler. This was my first experience helping out like this during a race. The Race started Saturday morning at 6am. We woke up at 4:30 and made sure that we had everything we needed. You need a-lot more stuff for 100 miler than any other distance I have experienced . Luckily my friend had everything well organized in ziploc bags so all I needed to do was set everything out in the tent . 
This race consist of 5  20 mile loops. The course was hard and very rocky. I was a pacer for 1 loop and I found it difficult to run in this terrain. I think it was more of short runs and fast hikes. I did what I could but it took us almost 6 hours to go 20 miles. The night running part was very cool . I loved how bright the stars looked but once again I could do with out the freezing cold. So two guys from my running group ran in this race. Sal and Richard and I was crewing Richard. To me the craziest thing about being a spectator was how every time the runners finished a loop they looked so tired and just done. This race had a huge amount of runners that did not finish. They just couldn't go anymore. 100 miles seems to be another type of animal. This is not for the faint of heart.
This is Sal coming in after his first loop. He looked really strong and he was in top 10. It is so exciting when your friends start running in. All I  could do was scream and jump in excitement. 
This is Richard. I can't imagine how happy you must feel to be done with every loop. It must be like heaven only to have to go back out to run again .
There was a-lot of down time so here I am.. Selfie time in the tent. Yes this is my cool shirt I got from Richard for being part of his crew. The best thing about pacing and helping out someone like this guy is he was such a great listener. He let us help him. When we ran together he took his GU every hour and drank water and ate at every aid station. He looked strong but looking strong during running 100 miles comes with ups and downs. 
This is him leaving for his last loop. I can't imagine what you think about when your at mile 80 going to 100 but he did it. The other thing I feel you need is a bad as pacer. He had a friend pace him for 40 miles and she was amazing. Super positive and smart and so strong. I was very impressed by this lady. She is the real deal. 
Here we are Richards crew. He ran a good race and he had a good time doing it. It was really great to be able to help someone outside of my family. I feel like I made a difference. Next thing I want to do is volunteer for a race soon.
30 hours and 30 minutes later he crossed the finish line and got his very first belt buckle. It was really inspiring to be there and to watch the whole thing happen and to be part of something so crazy special. 
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