Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The San Diego 50 miler

The night before the San Diego 50 miler  did not go as planned. My little boy was teething and he was miserable. Unfortunately I did not get to much sleep but staying up with him helped me feel less guilty about leaving him in the morning to go run.He finally settled down and went to sleep and shortly after  my alarm went of and I was up at 4am. I got ready  drank coffee did what I had to do and was out the door by 5:15. As soon as I stepped outside I thought to myself this is going to be a good day. The weather felt perfect. You know when your outside at 5am and the weather is just amazing and I knew that  this would be a good day to run. The race director Paul Jesse sent us an email everyday telling us what we might need and I knew the trail I was going to run on  so I felt prepared.  I also felt good knowing there was people I knew at the start line. I got to the start line checked in and said hi to The Trail Crashers. The super cool group of people I run with. I felt excited because I knew everyone in our group had put the miles in and worked really hard . 

The start was really pretty the sun was coming out over the mountains and there are different patches of green grass and brown dirt fields. Ahead is Raptor Ridge and its early enough that your starting to make all this out because the sun is starting to shed light all over. I always have to remind myself to take it all in. We started on a single track for about 4 miles than we ran or walked up Raptor Ridge and then came back down. First of all you know how you always read that with out the volunteers races like this could not be possible  its true. had a great group of volunteers they smiled at me when I came in and checked my pack. They made me feel like at every aid station some one was there looking out for me. I felt great for the first half. I felt strong I only had one GU and the Trail Wind and I just kept saying hi to people and feeling really grateful. I walked up the hills and ran the rest of the way and when I didn't want to run I made myself run anyway. My knee was bothering me but besides that I was great.

 This is the map of the marathon that took place during the race. It is the same trail only ours was longer. I text ed a friend at mile 15 and asked if I could barrow his knee brace and if he could bring it to me because my right leg was really tight and it just hurt and he met me at like 30 (thank you ) . Its always nice to see people you know during this races even if they are out there to bring you stuff.   Mile 30 to 40 were not my favorite. I felt tired and like I wanted to go home and lay on the couch with a smoothie in my hand. I think its the first  time during a race I really wanted to be done. I think its because it was hot at this point and I lost my focus. I kept repeating Mikes mantra strong mind strong body. Then I told myself that if I just kept running at mile 38 I could turn on my music. This is mile 38. I turned on Pandora and I chose the Michael Jackson station. First song totally reminded me of my sister and I growing up and watching her sing this to me when we were little in our bed room. The sugar hill gang rappers delight. I know how could anything go bad at this point. I love this song so much I could cry because my sister was always my hero growing up. So there I am so happy because I felt good and I had music and I am out here running this rad race.

 I got to the aid station at mile 40 and the volunteers made me feel like I had this. The lady made me a large very fancy paper cup with ice and ginger ale. The guy there told me I only had 10 miles and that I could do that in my sleep. I smiled and then he said You know you can do this in under 10 hours if you just keep running at this same pace. Suddenly I felt amazing in my head. Yes my legs still hurt and a bunch of other stuff bothered me but for me an under 10 hour 50 miler was not something I thought I could do. I got up and gave it everything I had and danced and I even cried. I just kept thinking how fortunate am I to be healthy enough to do this. My little sister has been in a wheel chair her whole life and I ran with her in my heart.That's the thing about these longer distances they take me a place that's not about any wordily belongings its just about appreciating what is in front of me. I am able to let go of any stuff I have been holding on to that does not serve me and I feel like its God and me saying thank you.  I feel overwhelmed with gratitude that's the word. 
I am almost at the finish when I see my kids sitting on a bench and they get up and run in with me to the finish line Then I see my friends cheering for me. My dad my Nina, Mike and Jack and Courtney. I felt so happy and exhausted at the same time. OK so my time was 9:55. 9 hours and 55 minutes. I am so happy with that time. I did better than I ever thought I would.

SO yes it was a great race I highly recommend running any             Off Road Pursuits race. Paul Jesse the director  offers all sorts of distances so you can run whatever distance you want. 
Until next time I am going to go roll my legs now :)

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