Saturday, February 7, 2015

Saturday's Training run

When you are trying to get better at something, you try and try and try again. This is definitely part of my story and the part I have grown to love the most. I have a couple things I am passionate about and I feel really happy that I have that love for them. I love photography, my family , art and--ahhhhh--running. All good things right? I love running for many reasons; the biggest one is I have to work really hard at this to get better and my better right now is finishing strong. Who would think hard work would make me so happy. It really does I love that I have found something outside of my home that is about me that just makes my heart sing. I also love that there is so many women  in this sport that are Bad Ass runners.   

This morning, I ran with The Trail Crashers a very cool group of runners. I was feeling so grateful that I had friends to run with that knew the trails and pushed it. Then I remembered that just a couple of months ago I was mostly running alone and long runs can get longer when your alone. You know the saying: showing up is half the battle. So true. I was nervous about running with them at first because I did not want to be the slowest.  Guess what? I am and that's OK! Sometimes we make things out to be bigger than they really are and those fears will hold you back from experiencing some really great stuff. Sometimes we need to  breathe deep and do small things that might scare us because, behind that brave you, there is a reward waiting that can only be found by showing up.

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