Monday, February 2, 2015

Scrap Booking and Running

I thought it would be fun to share my running layouts. The reason I try to keep a good record of my races is because I picture myself  20 years from now sitting with my grand kids and my kids looking through these books. I picture them saying wow grandma you ran 50 miles. I don't know if they would really believe me if I didn't have proof. 

I have been doing this for about 12 years so it is really cool to look back and see what I wrote and what I was wearing who was with me and my times. These are the  layouts I did for the Hodges 50 miler. 

I love that its all here in one place because when you finish a race the way you feel needs to be recorded soon after because your usually on top of the world feeling great so its a very positive thing for me.

These are 8 by 10 pages. They are fun and easy to work with because there smaller than a 12 by 12. There you go scrap booking and running do go together.

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