Monday, March 9, 2015

The San Diego Half Marathon

I really had a hard time getting out of the house this morning. It took everything I had to be in the car at 6am. I was excited but  when I don't sleep more than 4 hours I get anxious so my tummy felt bad and I was anxious just from being so tired. I honestly don't think I would have gone if my dad was not waiting for me and if I did not keep in mind that the 100 miler would be harder than having to get up and run so I chalked it up to training. I knew I would be slow but I also knew I would see a bunch of people I love so of I went. This is my 4th San Diego half and I ran a 2:18. My best time is 1:50 in 2012. I was so tired this Sunday I really didn't care how slow I ran but what I wanted was to know I tried and gave whatever I had left to give and I did. 

The race is amazing. I love running in Down town and along the water in San Diego. It is truly an amazing place to live. The weather is always so good. 

So here I am with my dad at mile 2. He beat me this year by 1 minute. Way to go dad..I saw so many friends and by mile 6 I was warmed up and having a great time. I even forgot I was tired. 

Here I am with my big Ass medal. My head looks huge in the picture. I love my smile because thats how I felt. Happy running juices where flowing… That concluded my running weekend madness ..I hope you had a fun weekend and just remember all you have to do is show up and give 100%. Then smile and just know your amazing.

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