Sunday, April 5, 2015

Big Morning RUn

Another Saturday and another trip out to the PCT. That means getting up at 4:15 am so I can make it up there by 6:45. That's the part I could do with out. I am at a point in my training that makes me feel like I am going backwards. I am staying optimistic but man I feel like I am just getting slower. I am really happy I still have a month before my next race so I can keep giving this my all. Its very humbling to being slow. So the part that keeps me smiling is I can't get slower that means I should get faster right ? I am also going to lose some weight before my next race and that should help too. This whole entire running season is going to be a challenge for me . I did go and sign up for some crazy distance races but that can also be looked at as a very cool challenge  that should come with great stories . I am making some great friends on this new path and that is a very good thing. So besides sucking right now at the thing I love doing so much everything else is going well. Oh did I forget to mention that being outside in the mountains all Saturday morning is a most wonderful thing. It is.

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