Thursday, April 2, 2015

The SimpleTthings

I found out today one of my great friends relapsed. I feel sad and helpless because I do not know how to help her. I have reached out to let her know she is not alone but I am sure whatever it is that is going on is bad.  I sent her a card and now I think all I can do is pray for her unless she reaches out to me. Somehow this got me to thinking about how important it is to find joy in the simple things. How taking time time to paint or run has become my ice cream on the cake. I am speaking about simple things I can do for me . To love myself and honor my being. Everybody should have something they love to do right ?
 When I first thought about having something I love I couldn't come up with anything. Then Someone told me what did you love to do when you where a child before you where told you can't do that for a living. Then it came to me. I loved to draw and keep journals. I loved taking pictures of anyone who let me use there camera and I loves running.
This is a true story when I was 16. I joined the track team. I sucked and I always signed up for the longest run. I showed up for practice but I do not really think I understood that I had to run at home to be able to compete well. That concept was just foreign to me. When both your parents work there are things that get missed. I honestly just remember showing up for practice. Then showing up for meets and sucking at it. The funny part is I never cared if I was last or almost last I was just happy I finished . I was just happy to be there. I think most of my life I have been happy to be able to experience things. I know that comes from being a huge part of my sisters life when we where little. She looked normal but she is in a wheel chair. She can not walk and she can't talk. I know she would of loved to show up to a track meet and be able to run even if she was last. Its so important to stop and just enjoy the simple things. I have never been really good at anything but I love that about myself now and I think my gift is the learning process so I can get good. I guess to tie this together what I am mean is if you choose to do drugs it will steal all the simple good stuff away from you. Drugs help you forget what you loved and they steal so many good things from you. They steal your ability to experience the day to day things with a smile. So to my friend I love you and I am here whenever you need me I will tray to help you find joy in just getting a cup of coffee. 

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