Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A couple ways to beat the I feel like crap after running that long way.

I got up super early this morning only to find myself slowly emerging from a low place. It can't always be wonderful everybody knows that right ? but when your in the low place it feels like your the only one. When your in it it totally sucks. I usually experience what I call the marathon blues. I would train for a marathon and then after the event I would feel sad for a while. It did not always happen but it happened. I spent  so many months training for my first 100 mile run and its over and it was crazy amazing and super hard for me. I loved and hated it. I actually thought about this before the race. Will I get sad after this race ?  I really hoped I wouldn't. I did. I am kinda. I have been feeling a tired sad , but this morning I started felling better. 
So I wanted to share a couple of things that I did to help me out of the dark cloud. The first thing is I had to stop lying to myself and say ," Its OK to be sad G" ,  fallowed by," G your sad". OK so accept what your feeling and you have to feel it. 
Second you have to make yourself practice some discipline. This happens when your tired of being sad or when your ready to start trying something. You shower first in the morning make your bed and put on your makeup and dress up. You can't forget the mascara there is something about wearing mascara that pulls it all together. If your a man shower shave and put on something nice. All this before you leave your room. It really helps. 
Third. I am a stay at home mom so for me It means get out of the house G.  I go to out with my kids and we do stuff. Even if that's only for 3 hours. Get out of your house . Do something out of the norm. Go have coffee at a coffee shop. Go window shopping or even better go hang out with a friend. Get out of your bubble looking cute. 
Fourth. OK I have not really wanted to run to much but EXERCISE is key. Just go outside walk, run, jog, ride your bike . The movement helps you feel better so much faster. 
Fifth. Plan another race hurry up. Plan an outing with your friends . Give yourself something to look forward too. It funny how I feel I can share the glitter in my life. Life is not like that so here you go. I hope this helps a little.
 Oh I almost forgot do something nice for someone. Send happy mail or pay it forward at Starbucks or TacoBell. That always makes me feel better and this post was about how to feel better after running a long long way. 
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