Thursday, July 30, 2015

A small List of fun

This month seem to slip right under me . It was slow at times just like summer is supposed to be. At other times my emotions took me for a ride on Space Mountain. I am happy to be done with July. Lets see I gained about 10 pounds this month.  Thats what happens when I don't feel like running. I feel like eating. I could blame it on being over 40 but I think I will blame it on being lazy. Honestly I care but I know as soon as I decide to start working out I will be back down to my 120 normal weight. My oldest went away to summer camp and I cried like a baby. I have never felt that kind of sadness before . The one when your kids leave. I am not looking forward to having him or Isa go to college. Jack is turning 2 in August. I am in total Love with my crazy active toddler.

So there are couple things I am looking forward to in August. I thought I would list them here.
I love Sussanah Conway . I admire her view on life . I love her pictures and I really enjoy reading her blog. She mentioned her August Break and well you can read all about it here.
1. Sussanah Conway
Then there is Ali Edwards . I am a huge fan. I have been reading her blog for years and years. She is simply inspiring and always pushes us in the direction of documenting our stories. In August she has her week in the life coming up. I bought my kit . ( I love it ) I am so looking forward to doing my best to document our story.
2. Ali Edwards 
 I have a race coming up. The Julian Station Full Moon Run. Its a 12 or 24 hour run .  You do 1 mile loops. Sounds crazy but I hear there lots of fun. I am doing the 12 hour run and hoping to get 50 miles in. That might be wish full thinking but aim high right ?
3. The Julian Full Moon Run 
 Here is a blog I am so enjoying reading. Her name is Beth and she just moved to London with her family . 4 kids and her husband. She is documenting her adventure. Beth takes great pictures and she is a really good writer. I love blogs that take me a;one for a ride.
4. A box of Chocolates
I met this girl about 7 years ago. She was teaching a Scrapbooking Class at The Pink Pineapple. She is so talented and organized. Her blog is rocking and she shares everything from cleaning your bathroom to layouts and so many DIY.
5.  Just JP
My go to running inspiration and get me in the mood to run is Competitor website. Its full of great stories.
6. Competitor 

Those are some fun things I have been crushing on. Sometimes its fun to relax and look at what someone else is reading. Have a great day.
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