Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A day at the Wild Animal Park

Last week my dad and I went to The Wild Animal Park. It was hot. Can you tell how hot it was ? 
I really like doing outings like this but the heat kind of kicks my butt. So when you do things like this for your kids its so important to do some of the extras..Like feeding the birds. My dad payed for a little cup that held bird food or some kind of sugar water. The bird went crazy and so did Jack. I thought he would like it but it makes sense he did not. Poor little guy thought the birds were after him.  I got out of there and walked with my little guy to the big ballon.
The biggest reason I love going places with Jack is seeing things through his eyes. As I grow up I often take things so serious and he reminds me how cool this yellow big ballon really is. Look mama yellow.. He stood there even though it was like 95 degrees . I think his fascination was bigger than the temperature. I love that. He has so much to teach me.
We went on the train and he took my baseball hat off and put in on himself. He is a smart kid. He climbed on his grampus lap and yelled ooohhhhh mama !! This because we where moving. I try and close my eyes for a minute when he does little things like this and I try to take it in. I try to understand and feel what my little guy is feeling.
We only stayed for a couple hours. We left at 1 pm because it felt to hot for all of us. In the couple hours we explored I was once again fascinated with the fact that being a child is really great but so is being a mom. 
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