Thursday, November 5, 2015

Laguna Trail Marathon

These are some pictures from the last two Mount Laguna Trail Marathons I have ran. This is my favorite race. I find this race-run magical. It's the perfect time of year because its not to cold but its cold. We really do not get seasons in San Diego so this my Fall run. The leaves are turning color and it is really pretty out. I also love that I know this course so I do not have to worry about getting lost.
This race feel like a fun community run. This was one of the first races I ran on a trail and this was the event that really introduced me to how nice and accepting this community is.
I love the feeling of having something this great to look forward to. I am just going to do my best and all my friends are running too. If you have not run this you should put it on your schedule for next year for sure. This will be my last race of the year :(  I am glad that my year is ending with the punt Laguna Trail Marathon. 
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