Monday, December 21, 2015

28 miles…Why yes please

This weekend our run took us to Lake Hodges. It seems like we run there a lot but it seems to be our most of our winter runs take place there. You can run a long way and still see people along the entire trail. Saturday we ran for about 6 hours. Mt girl friend is going to race a 50 mile race there so we are training. Ever since finding out I got into Western I feel like I really need to convince myself that I can do this. My friends seem to think I can so now I just need to believe it too. That's why when my GF said she was running 28 miles I felt like I wanted to join her. It was not a hard run we kept it easy. I just love spending all morning outside so when I was asked if I wanted to run the 28 I said yes please 

Jazz Hands Peeps

It really felt like a great morning. It was cold and the sun was out. There was lots of talking going on and we saw friends out there. I am really excited about Western so much so my tummy hurts every time I think about it. I just need to keep showing up for long runs long work outs and anything else I can do to make sure I run that race in under 30 hours. I am sure I will be focusing a lot on that race.

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