Friday, December 11, 2015

50k Weekend Yay

Hi Peeps. So you know that feeling you have when you have not signed up for a race and the year is coming to an end so you want to just plan a quick end of the year thing because well you're a little nutty and you can't help yourself. That was me right before I found out I got into W.S. I have to be honest I also needed a little me time. Having a big family can sometimes get loud and I am not complaining just simply stating that I needed a just for me run. The other night I was on Ultra sign ups and there before me was a race and long story short I am running it tomorrow . The Malibu Canyon 50k   I am going to spend the night at a friends house that lives close by and then go RUN. I am excited I have only run in Malibu once before when I ran the bull dog in 2011 my only DNF. I know this will be a much better experience because I am a different runner now. 

Here is the elevation map. Looks like fun. I am excited for a couple things. I know I will make new friends. I get to run for a couple hours all by myself on a trail . I also feel like I need start taking nutrition seriously and I am going to observe how I feel through out the day more. So I will be back with a full race report soon. I hope your long run this weekend goes great.
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