Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Beautiful Quiet

There seems to be a beautiful quiet the greets me in the wee early morning hours. As I walk out of my car and make my way to the trail my heart seems to know that I have arrived. Then slowly I start. All I can hear are my shoes as they hit the trail and my breathe. I want to be very quite as not to disturb all the lies before me. This will be the only time of the day that I will get to be out here alone with nature. In the stillness. My body craves time in the mountains time spent running.  My pace is irrelevant what matters is how this consistently heals me. It teaches me to be humble to take my time to just be there present. I try and take it in to let it move through me. It gives me so much it has become a spiritual experience one that I am so grateful for. 

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