Saturday, December 5, 2015

Early morning runs and unexpected blessings

Today was the day it happened. I woke up at 5:30 am I slowly rolled myself out of bed and then I got dressed. Lately I have been so happy to go out on these really early morning long runs. It was a really cold morning you know the kind of morning you Thank God for the gloves you remembered to bring with you. We started right on time and today we had a small group show up. I love the fact that we are out there for hours just running and talking. It is enough time to practice my form work on my breathing and think about life stuff. My dad always says long runs are like putting a Q tip in your brain and getting rid of all the cob webs. When your done you feel all new. This is so true. Today I ran with a runner I really admire because she is a bad ass. She is a strong female and I admire that. I was kinda able to keep up with her for the second half and that is partly because her shoes hurt but hey I kept up. I have been feeling better about my runs. Maybe I have been excited because I feel that slowly I am improving at something I love. So after our 20 something mile run we went back to the car and I looked at my phone and I had 50 messages … 
The messages said…. Congratulations G  You got into Western States from all my friends.  I ran to my girl friend hugged her and cried a little. Dreams do come true. I got in. Me a totally middle of the pack and sometimes when its over 50 miles near the back of the pack runner. Gloria the girl who is just happy not to make her friend wait to long to for her to catch up. I got in. They picked my name and I can't explain how happy and scared but mostly crazy ass grateful I feel. I got into Western States number 297 picked. Today it really happened my biggest dream came true. 
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