Friday, January 15, 2016

An outside kind of day

With all the rain we have been having lately there is snow about an hour from house.  That is a big deal when you live in San Diego. I did go on a couple runs this week that included SNOW sightings . I knew that I had to take Jack and my dad to see the snow.

We left early enough so we got to see a-lot of beautiful different skies in one day. The early morning sky was so chilly I think it was 42 degrees. We had hats and gloves ready and to be honest excited to have to wear. We take 20 to 30  minute hikes at a time. That seems to be about how long is fun for my awseome toddler. 
The Lake was frozen and it was so much fun to throw stick and see them fly to the other side of the lake. Jack insisted that he wanted to walk on the Lake so we stayed away as much as possible. You need to bring all your patience with you when you bring a 2 year old but if you take it slow it can be so rewarding. 

The sky was so blue and there is so much to see that when we are walking Jack will sit down and just look up. Those are the moments that I am reminded to take a deep breath and look around and some how I am filled with gratitude. This world id so freaking beautiful. 

I love these two. My dad and my youngest . Look at these smiles.

We walked for 3 miles all together. 

Then we had lunch. Two ham and cheese sandwiches and apples and cupcakes. It was so good and you know the view made it better. We spent most of the day outside and if you ask me that is a perfect day.

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