Wednesday, January 27, 2016


                    Yesterday I ran late in the evening. I did not think about the fact that maybe I should take my head lamp. I did not even think about the fact that it was dark out side but off I went anyway. I was hoping to run for a little bit over an hour or so. The thought that filled my head was wow if I did not run I would be inside of my house and I would be missing this amazon night. It was  beautiful. The sky was a deep blue and the air was just a bit cold. There is a lot of traffic by my house but I put in my head phones and a little Bob Marley and I was instantly transported away. I ran to the hills by my house and did not think twice about how dark it was and that maybe I should stick to the side walk instead I ran up the hill into the mountains just thinking I need this movement I want the solitude and good all of this was.
Two miles later I took this picture and realized I needed to get home and down from this mountain so I turned on my phone light. Thank God for iPhone and I slowly made it back. I was fine I did freak myself out a little bit just because it got so dark so fast. I did not tell my family where I was running. (not smart ) I was thinking on my way through the rocks and mud and hills about my only other night time run during the San Diego 100 miler. How well it was marked and how I could use some of those marking now. I was thinking about the SD 100 race director and all the time effort it takes to run a race. How much work goes into pulling of a perfect event and how much confidence and joy they give us by making it safe and feeding us and the volunteers how amazing they are. I will always remember this lady Karen holding my face during SD100 and looking in my eyes and telling me I believe in you Gloria . You can do this. That's all I needed to hear and I needed that. When don't we need that. I made a couple a stupid choices last night but I had a great time running and hiking and reminiscing..

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