Sunday, January 31, 2016

Thank You January

We made through the first month of 2016. I had a couple goals I really want  to make habits and I am on my way. I am working on eating healthier. This month Jack and I had a healthy smoothie 25 days out of 30. That's good. I keep it simple Spinach, pineapple, banana for now. I did add cherries for about a week. I feel healthier :)  Something has to change when it comes to my eating habits. I think slowly I am making life time changes.
I did lots of running and hiking and walking this month too. I really want to hike more with my kids and I we got out a couple times this month. That is a big deal when you have teenagers . So Thank you January for all your blessing. I can also say this was a thinking month. I spent a lot of time just writing down stuff in my journal. Some months I feel like there is a real need to write it feels so healing. On to The Love month. Here we go !!!
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