Sunday, May 15, 2016

My PCT and DNF race report

picture by Christopher ferrier
 Her DNF
Once upon a time in a far away land this Mexican girl named Gloria thought she was a bad ass and tried to run two 50 mile races with in 2 weeks. Then as she was running the second one along came the distance bit her in the ass made her stop and walk and before you know it she could run no more. So she turned in her bib and felt like shit and cried. The moral of the story is respect the distance.
Here we go. There are so many books that I have read and listened to that tell you to never DNF. It is supposed to be the worse thing ever. I had made it out to be the worse thing ever and I thought that would never happen to me. How could you ever feel so bad in a race ( beside 100 miler that is another animal) that you would have to stop. It happened to me. I should of known. I should of been sensible enough to know that I am not a runner that can just run Lost Boys 50 miler and 2 weeks later run The PCT 50 miler. Instead my thinking was I need to do  as much running as possible  for Western States. Why ? because it is a once in a life time opportunity and I should be able to run that much. Maybe this does not make sense to you and maybe now looking back it does not really make sense to me either but there it is. I got caught up in myself and did not respect that fact that I needed to rest and I just got to a point where I can run 50 miles WTF am I thinking I can run 2 so close together. The distance taught me not to let me ego get the best of me.  I need to slow down rest and respect every race I sign up for. I just need to slow down G.
I did my normal 5.9.5 this past week. Then I stayed at a friends house and got to the race on time. I had been feeling tired but I took lots of naps so I thought that was enough. I was really excited to be there with all my friends that I really admire and love. The race started and I went out in the middle of the pack. I usually try and go out near the back of the pack because I like going out slower and then getting warmed up and then going faster. That's what works for me. Lets remember I am not thinking about placing and in my heart I am not doing it for anyone else. Running these distances has become one of the great loves of my life and I do it because it makes me so happy.
I went out to fast for sure and at mile 6 I felt really tired. I put on my music thinking it would make me feel better right ? nope
Then I had a GU and It gave me energy but it did not help enough. I kept moving along and all I could think was I just need to find my happy place. That place I find in the mountains where the miles just fly by. Mile after mile passed and I could not find it. Then at mile 20 I just felt this tired feeling come over me. It was exhaustion fallowed by grief. Not a good combination. I walked to the half way point and at the turn around  I saw Angie Shartel and the one and only Scott Mills. They brought my smile back gave me words of encouragement they could tell I was not having fun. I started on my way back. I then walked 3 miles to Penny Pines. I knew Julianne Storm my pacer for WS was volunteering at the aid station and then between the crying and feeling horrible I knew I wanted to stop running. I did not want to finish or continue anymore. My legs felt so heavy my feet hurt and my heart hurt even more. As soon as I saw Julianne she hugged me and talked to me and let me know it was OK. The Aid station volunteers where amazing. They all where so kind with there words and told me many times my real race was WS. I needed to rest up and be ready for that race. Scott Mills told me that for every mile you race you need 1 day of rest. That means 50 days of rest for a 50 miler. I did not know that or I conveniently forgot it. I only got to mile 26 and  I felt sorry for myself but as soon as I got a ride from Julianne down to the start line I got excited for my friends they all looked great finishing and a female won the over all race. This was my first time watching my friends finish and what a great feeling it was. I was so excited for each and every one of them. What a day with lessons learned and a humbled heart. I can not say in word how much I love this sport and this Ultra Running community we have in San Diego. It really feels like a family. Stranger will literally give you the shirt off there back if you needed it in the San Diego Ultra Running Community. So I do not have a bib or a medal for yesterdays race but what I do have is a very grateful and humbled heart. In a weird way yesterday was a good race but for other reasons than finishing. I hope this makes sence somehow. 

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