Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wednesday thoughts

Yesterday was a little strange I caught up with an old friend and the idea trying to be grateful and live in the moment just went out the door. I caught myself thinking about the past all day. I understand the concept not living in the past or the future because you can't change it. The best thing seems to be trying daily to be present and that brings you a little bit closer to being mindful and present and living more in gratitude. This practice makes my life more enjoyable and I feel more connected when I do this.
Some how as the race gets closer I am starting to feel  calmer. There have been so many times in my life where I ended up places where I felt I did not belong or where I felt everyone else was better than me so what was I doing there. At 44 I figured out that I always belonged and that was my perception. You do not need to be the best you just need to try your best . When you do that then your wright where you are supposed to be. Showing up is half the battle and the other half is giving everything you have got. Whatever the outcome you have honestly is not the point its that freaking journey... 
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