Monday, February 27, 2017

Training run in the dessert

I slept about 3 hours on Friday night. Jack is sick and his coughing along with just being his mommy kept me up. I ended up getting up at 3 am I contemplated getting ready to run or getting back in bed. I knew when I sat up in bed that running would win. I have learned that when ever I hesitate on a run either because the drive is so long or the weather sucks or I just feel lazy that if I just get ready and leave the house I will have a great day! It usually works that way. I got up and made coffee got ready and looked at the forecast. It said COLD !! 40 and windy :( Then I pack every jacket I own just because having my jackets in the  car helps me feel more ready. 
Our run was the first 18 miles of the Lost Boys course. Can I just say it was really difficult. A total work out. My mantra when running really hard stuff is this is making me stronger. I just say that over and over and over .
We climber boulders that used to be waterfalls and we just kept running. Then I realized that for me this was one of those runs that you get what you put in. It was really pretty out in the dessert and the sky was bright blue. The weather ended up at a perfect 70 degrees . I got to see my friends and yes getting 3 hours of sleep having to leave my house at 4am and being uncomfortably cold at the start of our run was so worth it. This weeks run felt like an adventure. 

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