Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Holiday half race recap

I signed up for the Holiday Half in San Diego last week of December. I had heard from a-lot of people that this is a great race because its mostly down hill and the weather is perfect too. 

I have to say it was awesome to just be there because all around  runners where dressed in red and green and the Christmas spirit was everywhere..  

This is what happened .. I met my friend Robert at the race . He kept telling me that he thought I could run way faster than I usually do. I didn't believe him but he told me to just try. All I had to do was try and keep up with him and how hard could that be. He believed in me when I honestly did not. I ran about 60 miles that week my plan was to go and run my usual 2 hour half marathon. I think that is a great time and its what I always do but Robert convinced me to push myself so I did.

We ended up running a 1:44... I know right !!! Lets just say I never really thought I could run that fast . It never crossed my mind to see what I could do.
Moral of the story.. We can do much more than we think we can. In my case I am so grateful that I surround myself with people who believe in me. A Big Thank you to my friend Robert for pushing me to try and now next time I run a half I will have to try my butt off to see if I can beat 1:44.... It was an awesome day.

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