Monday, March 19, 2018

Ultramaraton Baja Trail

This last weekend March 17th I ran this race. In Tijuana Baja Calif. In Mexico. I just want to start by saying I was really nervous about this one . I had at least 4 people tell me how hard this race was going to be so I knew it was going to be a challenge but a new challenge is always welcome.
 The day started really early , I was up at 2 am and a friend picked me up on his way down to the border at 2:30am. The bus was scheduled to pick us up at 4:30. You would think we would have enough time to get everything done but we barely made it to the bus and then finding the bus was its own adventure.. By the time it found us we had walked 4 miles.
The race had 3 distances. My friend Louka ran the 80k and started at 6 am . The rest of our group  Kylee, Scott, Janell, Maria started at 6:30 we ran the 50k. So there we all are standing in the cold rain excited and ready to go. We all counted in Spanish and off we went. You start in a single conga line going up hill and make your way up a mountain. Then there was another and another. My friends did not lie to me this was a hard race but lets be honest whats the one thing that makes a hard race not so hard.....Perfect Weather
How can you complain when it is 60 degrees with a light mist. 
The views went on forever.
This is at the top of El Capitan. Getting up here was an adventure..
Seeing so many familiar face of friends I admire and call friends made the miles and hard work go by quickly. 
Another familiar happy face coming my way..
and another. Sometimes you run races and you know there are people you just admire and look up to because there so strong and have been killing it in this sport forever. There also so nice and wise and then You feel lucky just to able to share the trail with them. Even if your way behind them it is still special.
I loved the race and I didn't mind the climbs. You know how sometimes your just feeling it. I got lucky because this week I feel good and I went out at my pace and just ran my race and finished around 8:20 something. 
I really loved how the entire day unfolded. It was such great course and the rain all of it made it a special day.
I want to mention a couple things.. The course was so well marked. They did a great job marking it. The aid station and the volunteers so kind. They gave me hugs and food and so much encouragement . If you get chance to run the Baja Trail Maraton Just do it.
Be the girl who decided to go for it !!! That's it.... Happy running 

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