Monday, May 28, 2018

Sunset run on the PCT

This Saturday instead of running in the day we ran front sunset to 10 pm. It turned out to be a magnificent sunset. One that I got to share with my friends. 

This is amazing right ? The sky was blue and yellow and crazy windy so the clouds kept floating by us. It was a great idea to get out there at night so we could try our night gear. I was freezing so I need to rethink warm clothes situation. That is why its good to plan.

The light was amazing. We ran about 14 miles and climbed 6000 feet I think . I called out for hiking so I ended up running at night witch sometimes I get scared to do but once I took of it felt fine.

All of these people will be running SD 100 with me in 10 days !!
crazy is as crazy does :)

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