Friday, August 14, 2009

A little bit of life stuff..

Sometimes all the little bit of life stuff can seem like a whole lot of stuff...Its crazy how many blogs I read that say that this month is just funky sad or how we cant find our mojo..It might be that its the end of summer and most of our kids have been home for a long time , or maybe we all just feel kinda off...I think when kids go back to school it really helps us get back on schedule and having a whole family schedule really helps everyone. This summer has been somewhat crazy for me..I am adjusting to all the change but what I am finding during this is a couple things that have really helped me.I thought I would share them with you..
#1. Exercises
#2. Holding someones hand...(kids hands count)
#3. Make some future myself something to look forward to is huge for me...sign up for a class that's a month away..make a lunch date w your friend two weeks from now..
#4. Wear a cool color you black...if you feel down grab something bright in your helps
#5. Send a Thank You card to a friend or a love letter tell that special person you care
#6. Let yourself dream...dream big...after all its your dream
#7. Give yourself permission to have a sad day...but then move on and take a shower dress cute and go outside..
#8. Music Music Music
#9. Having a place to hang with your friends(the pinkpineapple) thats my place...
#10.Telling yourself that its okay and that you are worth so much.
Loving Yourself...
Well, that's it..
I will tell you all about my AFC experience tomorrow...Whats that its Americas Finest City half Marathon that's this Sunday and that I have bombed the last two years because its so HHHHOOOTTTT. Well, its this Sunday and I am going to run it with my dad...I am going to try so hard to do it under 2 hours...okay I am of to the expo to pick up my bib #...
Thank You for all the sweet comments about my blog...They made me really here I am moving forward...
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