Thursday, August 27, 2009

My passion started here

It started here on this road. I had a double stroller and a dream..The dream was simple to establish a healthy habit in my life. I was a little over weight but I had a baby that was about 6months old I could say it was still baby weight..what was really wrong was I was home way to much. I was mommy 24/7 and I had an unhealthy relationship. i knew I needed something that and I was looking for it..I was home watching TV..and Oprah was talking about how to form a habit. She stated that if you did something 21 days in a row you it became a habit...shortly after she talked about how jogging everyday really helped her with her stress ..Oprah I am sure has hard core stress but hey I wanted to test it out. Did I have what it took to actually develop a healthy excises routine..Why not I thought. I started with a double stroller walking 30 minutes hard...In about 10 days I went to 40 minutes and in 21 days I was jogging 5 miles..very slowly but I was there...It worked I became a runner and I developed a habit that has give me happiness and all it asks me is to wear good shoes..It is my happy place and it stays with me. So visiting this beautiful place reminded me of how important it is to dream ..
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