Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I have been...

I have been keeping busy...Clearing out little kids closets and mommy's closet too..I am really not good at it. I just have such a hard time with giving away a little dresses that brings me right back to a precious memory. All of them remind me of something sweet about my little girl...Okay my stuff well so much of my old clothes bring me back to some fun time I did this or that in it...Its almost like I can feel the day in the clothes...silly but I am doing it ..I hate to say getting rid of my old clothes so I will say I am putting it away nicely so someone else can enjoy it.
I have been scrapping late hours of the night away...I love making stuff late late at night...The challenge is up for the Glorious Pink Challenge ..This is my layout for it but you will have to jump over there to see what the challenge is....Oh and I made a little scrapbook with some of the kit from book club at the Pink...I love it..the mini book and book club....
How could I forget my beautiful daughter started high school today...I took her out for a nice lunch at the Belly up and then we went to have Starbucks.
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