Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just for fun

A little nerdy with the helmet situation...
Having some fun ..taking a backwards picture..
Female Power going on...
This is the feire in Coronado that takes you acroos to Down town San Diego
Uncle Mike and me ..and below its just one happy G....

Just for fun and because running is a little painful right now....Uncle Mike and I went on a bike ride last week...It was so much fun and he makes me so happy..He is a great dad to me. Okay so we started of in Chula Vista and rode to Coronado its about 25 miles I think..It doesn't feel that long because if you can try to imagine this...Uncle Mike cant hear very well and we both wear our I pods when we ride..In one ear and he is like a bull in china cabinet... So as we are riding I am yelling CAR uncle mike...STOP uncle mike...THIS WAY uncle mike and his favorite...I GOTTA GO POTTY uncle Mike. All this makes time go by quickly.
When we get to Coronado we hang out a little sit by the beach and get some water and then for 3 dollars we take the feire boat to downtown San Diego..This takes about 10 minutes and yes we are feeling very cool with all of our biking gear and our bikes on a boat ( okay I am feeling kinda cool) Down Town is beautiful and we ride to the convention center wear there is a ton of traffic and yes I am on full looking out for uncle Mike mode..Of coarse we both are feeling a little tired now and were hungry so we stop at this really old pancake house were we used to go when I was little and have breakfast..We talked about me and my life and my kids and the yucky D word and it was great not the D word but having him to talk to...42 miles in all and I have to say once again I love my Uncle Mike he makes me feel very special...He knows I love him too...Oh yeah...The bike ride was even more fun because I had my camera with me and I took many pictures. Have a great Tuesday
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