Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a little story..

I want to share a little story about my new friend I met this the be present retreat...Yes, going by yourself can be scary and intimidating you know..but my new friend Mindy was the perfect roomate...She was so sweet and Oh my she had the most beautiful Southern accent...It was just what I needed.. I get super shy sometimes ..I get scared when I dont really know everyone and then I am quite...but Mindy was a good friend took a walk with me on the beach and just was kind very kind...Then came the day we painted with Kelly-rea...OMG....yeah I know...Well there I am doing my painting thing....while sitting next to my friend new friend Mindy and as Kelly-rea is walking around helping this point I am thinking could it get any better...could it be any more perfect....I am in artist heaven.I am simply happy..Thank you Kelly-rea for your ability to teach and be such an me and helping me to be a better girl........
Mindy...she starts painting ...and then she makes these little girls..hhheeellloooo
they were incredible...go check it out honestly good stuff......amazing stuff...oh and she runs too..Thank you mindy for being there and making my weekend so special...I love you too..
good night and have a wonderful Tuesday.....
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