Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Circle Journals

A circle Journal is a journal that you put together and you pass along to a bunch of friends and each of them decorates a page in your book...They can alter it or paint on it or scrap it ,sew on it..It doesn't matter as long as you friend decorates it...Your the end you all come together and you have a finished book that holds little memories of all your least that's what it is to me..I finished two last night..Jenn's and Krysties so here's what I came up with....Krystie did something super cool she had us alter CD cases and she asked where do we see ourselves in 5 a little time capsule only in scrapbook it !
Jenns theme was what would you do if you won the lottery?

After much thought I decided that I honestly dont really like to travel on planes and I love the USA...honestly do....That if I won the lotter I would sell my house buy a big orange motorhome..can you see it...and travel all over the US with my kids...How cool is that..That would so do it for me...
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