Saturday, October 31, 2009

One word Project..

I really enjoy reading The Shutter Sisters blog...It makes me feel good to read it and the pictures are amazing...kinda like eye candy...They have the One Word project . Its very cool to look through you pictures to find the picture that says that one word to you..or if you plan ahead just having that special word in mind and then just having that one word moment happen and taking that special picture. So I feel like for me its finding that special blog or a story that is written that helps me stop . Really stop and recognize whats going on in that moment and in me...There word for October was Illuminate..

The picture that did it for me was this one...Here is the story behind it. I am driving back to the airport from the Unearth Retreat....I am in the company of 3 beautiful females.. Chrissy , Jennifer and Kolleen...I am driving and one of the girls is on the phone telling her girls how much she loves them..I am looking at this road ahead of me and I grab my camera and take this picture...I felt this moment I felt completly Illuminated by what I was privalenged to expirience though out the weekend and also by this road it was beautiful and I felt strong to go were it was taking me ...I was and felt Illuminated....
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