Friday, October 23, 2009

Rosies Circle Journal

My friend Rosie picked the theme of what are your favorite 10 things for her circle journal...I love that ....
My 10 favorite things..are
1. 3 kids
2. Pink Pineapple
3. Friends
4. Soy Latte
5. Music
6. Blogs
7. Sun
8. Camera
9. Friends

I had lots of fun with this journal..I took that picture the day I got my hair cut so I felt pretty...I love felt so I added some too..Just happy colors..on another note I added most of the blogs of the amazing friends I met in Oregon on the left hand bar on my blog so if I didn't include you and you would like me too please just leave me a comment and I will....I also finished loading all the pictures from the retreat to felt like it took forever...okay well tonight is the Halloween crop at the Pink Pineapple and I am going to go decorate my Witches Hat...Hee Hee
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