Monday, November 16, 2009

Race Day results..

I am so proud to say that my dad was just amazing out there, He came in 7Th in his age group. That just makes me so happy for him. I had such a good time and my time was okay for me . I have done better but seriously I had a blast....I love whole race day event...The night before setting everything up...having your gels and water ready..Leaving the coffee maker ready and charging the I pod and the watch and the cell phone...Getting up at 4am to start getting my caffeine on...Being in the car on time (that's hard for me ) as I am driving down to my dads house I call my best friend only to be reminded that OH boy!! I forgot my watch so I turn around and come back home to go get it...That's my norm... Then I start driving 45 min to my dads were we are being picked up at 6am so we can get to the starting line on time...then we freeze our buns of as we wait to start...go potty many times...I also love that point in the day right before we all take off everyone there for the same reason..It feels really cool to be a part of a race, The distance doesn't really matter .Your time shouldnt really matter..Its why your there that matters...I am there for me, for my health, for the joy of this experience with my dad for that moment in time were I am creating a story...Ohhh yeah and the pictures...
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